Become The Pirate Kings Wife! (One Piece) [English]

It is always good to have someone who will massage your back during your bathing time… and when you're lucky as Luffy this "someone" will be non other than stunning Boa Hancock! Of course, Luffy could not consider himself a proper pirate if he allowed this chance pass him by and go away without making moves on this gorgeoussexy brunette! Yet will it work or notyou will find out when you take a look at this comic parody yourself.

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Kaizoku Joou

Fighting off a massive dinosuar-like creature will bring an enormous amount of adrenaline however, who would know that it’s meat could aslo work as one very powerful Aphrodisiac for women!? Some of the characters in “One Piece”are likely to gain this crucial knowledge through a lot of practice (yet we’re not ruling out the possibility that all are juts a bunch of horny fuckers).

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Momo Maboroshi Sato

If there is something that amuses Boa Hanckock more than to seduce the men around by herself then it is to watch how the same thing trying to do some less experienced ladies… less experienced yet non the less curvy-on-all-the-right-places! So , be prepared to see severeal different women from "One Pice" to enter into some tricky hot situations on the following pages!

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Nami-san VS Kyokon Shiru

Nami is famous for her big and massive tits. However there are only a handful of comics that pay full tribute to the redhead pirate girl. This comic will show Nami having a fling so intense that her tits are moving like crazy every page. Huge tits and hardcore fucking – the treasure of hentai parody can be foundright here!

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Busty blonde named Nami enjoys sex. Her partner licks the girl’s tits and twists the pink nipples. And then he fucks the blonde in her tight cunt. She loves getting her tight asshole fucked and facialized. After that, the girl lay down on the sofa and spread her legs wide. The guy inserted his penis into the girl’s pussy and began to fuck her. Gradually, he picked up the pace and soon finished right in the girl’s pussy.

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NyanNyan Hebihime

Pirates are people that will take every treasure they can find on their sea adventures even if it might not be worthwhile. As you can see, Boa Hancock’s parody comics illustrate that this isn’t an uncommon scenario. This is the only difference: this brunette bust will be the sole responsible party for whatever happens in the future.

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A Big Breasted Thief Gets Fucked Crazy On a Ghost Ship

Nami might be a fan of her sports outfit, but it’s obvious that her bodycurves look too big to wear something that tightso it is only the case of time that the big mucled guy will want to put away his heavylifting practicing and to perform some hardfucking exercises with our redhead pirate lady… that will occur in the second page! Full color and textless versions are included!

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Penis-Penis Devil Fruit (One Piece) [StormFedeR]

The moment is finally here when Nami is able to open an old chest of treasure and discovers the devil’s fruit! The dillemma is also at her to use. Should she try to sell it for a profit or make use of it to have a lot of fun? There are rumors that suggest this fruit will give enormous cocks to those who aren’t supposed to. Since this parody comic is about hentai you already know what she will do.

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Ai Koukaishi

Sometimes, it’s hard to discover the hidden motives behind seemingly innocuous situations. Nami and Zoro from “One Piece” are waiting for help from their pirate group. They must encourage each other and get some amazing sex as they wait. Yeah, finally!

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Nico Robin no Ibunka Kouyuuroku (One Piece) [Digital]

Laffy and her crew was forced to separate as a result of the “One Piece” storyline. It looks like Nico Robin had some tough situations to overcome. In the end, she happens to wake up at the shore of some unknown tropical island! The good news is that she will find friendly locals who are willing to take charge of her and allow her unwind from intense adventures… or not?

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