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Kaizoku Joou

Fighting off a massive dinosuar-like creature will bring an enormous amount of adrenaline however, who would know that it’s meat could aslo work as one very powerful Aphrodisiac for women!? Some of the characters in “One Piece”are likely to gain this crucial knowledge through a lot of practice (yet we’re not ruling out the possibility that all are juts a bunch of horny fuckers).

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Penis-Penis Devil Fruit (One Piece) [StormFedeR]

The moment is finally here when Nami is able to open an old chest of treasure and discovers the devil’s fruit! The dillemma is also at her to use. Should she try to sell it for a profit or make use of it to have a lot of fun? There are rumors that suggest this fruit will give enormous cocks to those who aren’t supposed to. Since this parody comic is about hentai you already know what she will do.

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Ai Koukaishi

Sometimes, it’s hard to discover the hidden motives behind seemingly innocuous situations. Nami and Zoro from “One Piece” are waiting for help from their pirate group. They must encourage each other and get some amazing sex as they wait. Yeah, finally!

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Benten Kairaku 11 Hebirei

Boa Hancock, Luffy and their desperate scheme to thwart the plans of Vice Admiral and his men are a nightmare. In the beginning, they get into a ship of the enemy. Despite being close to being taken down, Luffy was able to get away from Boa Hancock’s trap. What now lies ahead for this stunning brunette in a gorgeous bust, when she is being held by a group of big and strong men?

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The Loli Loli Fruit! ~Return Of The Snake Princess~

The chibi-art style that is usually used on the characters from the popular anime allows the characters look extremely cute. But what happens if you will use it on a curly and hot like Boa Hancock from the “One Piece” series? It will make her look more charming, but still sexy. This will be a great opportunity for new hentai comics! And here is this comics to help.

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